The name Geospirit is inspired by the powerful connection between two distinct elements: Geo, i.e. the earth, and Spirit, i.e. the soul. These two elements come together to reinforce and strengthen each other. If it was a tree, Geospirit’s roots would be embedded deep within the solid ground, with its leaves dancing in the wind – a metaphor for the spirituality of nature.

Geospirit’s heart has always belonged to Tuscany, a region famous for its age-old quality and craftsmanship. In fact, it is right here, in Tuscany – a place where spirit meets matter – that the idea behind the brand was born and began to take root.
Since the 1990s, Geospirit has channelled its love for the environment and outdoor sports into its products. Dating back to its very first collections, the brand has taken inspiration from nature and translated it into stylish, contemporary outerwear that offers the perfect balance between comfort and functionality.

Geospirit has always been actively involved in protecting the environment, establishing the Geospirit Foundation in order to benefit our planet, such as via a campaign to protect alpine bears.
Geospirit has also partnered with GORE-TEX to design the Voyager, a fully recyclable jacket.

Today, Geospirit focuses on earth, water, air and fire as a means to celebrate the beauty and vitality of nature. All four elements bring the brand back to its original inspiration, while providing a point of departure for its stylish yet technically advanced outerwear collections. The four elements also translate into a concrete commitment to sustainability. Where possible, Geospirit uses reclaimed and recycled resources in its padding, fabrics and accessories, while some garments are made entirely from reused materials. What’s more, all Geospirit garments are strictly fur-free.

At a time when nature is attempting to raise its voice and make itself heard, Geospirit is choosing to further embrace its identity as a brand that’s at one with the environment. In fact, Geospirit has always chosen to tune into its inner spirit and invest in research and development that can help bolster its commitment to the environment.